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AGL is a trusted name for the last 5 years in the Gems & Jewellery It provides Lab services to the jewellers specially .the devotion towards Authenticity of Gems and jewellery is the main objective of AGL. AGL is not only a commercial gemological Lab. It has a social responsibility as well, to words the ordinary mass who admires the beauty of Gems and jewellery.Our sole responsibility is to create an Environment where Authentic/genuine Gems and jewellery will be sold and purchased.

Gem Laboratories has been commenced with the single intent of assisting gem lovers and industry insiders to have knowlege about gemstone enhancement origin, treatment and cumulative analysis documents tailored to gems of unique importance.

Lab Services

International Organisation of Diamond Making on site Certification with mobile Lab service Quick delivery of smart card size certificate Star/Male Assartment with 99% Aquracy Analysis of jewellery quality easy view of certificate online.